BNSSG Paediatric Formulary Decisions

BNSSG Paediatric Formulary Decisions



4.4   Atomoxetine (Strattera®) (TLS Amber) SCP click here

  • ADHD in childhood


2.5.5 Captopril (tablets) (TLS Amber) SCP click here

  • Paediatric cardiology 


2.2.4 Chlorothiazide (TLS Red)

  • Neonates (unlicensed)


3.2 Flutiform® (fluticasone & Formoterol) (TLS Green)

  • in adolescents aged 12 and above


4.4   Methylphenidate - all formulations (TLS Amber) SCP click here

  • ADHD children & adolescents


Decision 29th May 2012 

Diamorphine nasal (Ayendi®) Paediatric analgesia (TLS Red)

    • Approved for the use in emergency departments and MIU


June 2013

14.5  Rotavirus live vaccine (Rotarix®) (TLS Green)

  • Active immunisation of infants from the age of 6 weeks for prevention of gastro-enteritis due to rotavirus infection
  • Please see DoH/PHE FAQs for further information


October 2013

4.4  Lisdexamfetamine (TLS Red)

  • An alternaticve treatment for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder when there has been an inadequate response to methylphenidate.


December 2013

13.8.1  Dundee Sunscreen (TLS Red)

  • When other reflectant sunscreens have failed


January 2014

1.Misc  Infloran (Bifidobacterium infantis, Lactobacillus acidophilus) (TLS Red)

  • For use in preterm infants less than 32 weeks gestation or < 1.5kg in weight until they reach at least 34 weeks corrected gestational age and have tolerated at least 2 weeks of enteral feeds.

September 2016

Clonidine Patches  (TLS Red)

  • For patients with secondary dystonia and dyskinesia, according to UHBristol treatment pathway for Medical management of dystonia.

October 2016

Esomeprazole granules  (TLS Red)

  • For patients with NG tubes or second line in children with swallowing difficulties.


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