Decisions 14th May 2013

Recent JFG Decisions


At the meeting on the 14th May 2013 the following decisions / changes to the formulary were agreed


New Drug Requests


Alteplase and Dornase Aplfa

  • Approved clinically appropriate 26th Feb 2013. Funding arrangements now clarified awaiting NBT Directorate sign off. TLS Red 

Plasmalyte 148

  • Approved for use in NBT Theatres and Critical Care NBT only. TLS red


Not approved  

Aflibercept (sequential use after ranibizumab)

  • Initially rejected 26th February 2013. Review of further evidence undertaken - still insufficient evidence to support sequential use


Other Decisions / Changes  

  • Tolterodine first line choice for over active bladder and remove oxybutynin
  • Pivmecillinam now for use by UHB as well as NBT
  • Cefalexin for use at NBT instead of cefradine now as oral cephalosporin.  Cefradine removed from the formulary.

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