Decisions 17th January 2017

At the meeting that took place on 17th January, the folllowing decisions were agreed.


New Drug Requests



  • To be added with Prescribing advice for Gliptins

Degludec Type 1

  • SCP to be discussed at the next JFG meeting


  • Fexofenadine is for the treatment of chronic idiopathic urticaria and seasonal allergic rhinitis in patients who have not adequately responded to cetirizine and loratidine. Fexofenadine is more expensive than loratidine and certirizine

Not Approved

Degludec Type 2

  • No changes are required to the current status


Shared Care Protocols/TLS Change in Status

Adjuvant bisphosphonates in Early Breast Cancer

  • SCP to be circulated via email 


Goserelin and tripterolin

  • The group felt that GPs would not initiate this drug and that it should remain Amber, but could move to no shared care to reflect that no particular monitoring is needed by primary care



  • in adults initiated by a Neuro-psychiatrist
  • The group felt that this was originally added to the formulary approximately 9 years ago before establishment of the Joint Formulary. MP agreed that NBT would review use of Melatonin for this indication and report back to the group.

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