Decisions 22nd May 2018

At the meeting that took place on 22nd May, the following decisions were agreed.

New Drug Requests


Eleview Lifting solution (TLS Red)

  • Approved for intra-operative use when lifting large colonic polyps using endoscopic submucosal dissection technique.   

Not Approved

Lecicarbon suppositories

  • Not approved as the group felt that the evidence submitted was insufficient in order to make a decision. Further information to be collated and disseminated to the group in order to decide.

Shared Care Protocols/TLS Change in Status

Brivaratacem (TLS change red to amber)

  • Brivaratacem agreed to change to amber 3 months pending approval of shared care protocol.

Sildenafil (TLS change red to amber)

  • Sildenafil for Raynaud's phenomenon and digital ulcers in systemic sclerosis agreed to change to amber 3 months pending approval of shared care protocol.

Mycophenolate (TLS change red to amber)

  • Mycophenolate for specialist rheumatological indications not agreed. More information about patient numbers and practicalities of monitoring needed before it can be agreed.

Ivabradine SCP update

  • Updated SCP agreed and uploaded.

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