Decisions 26th February 2013

Recent JFG Decisions


At the meeting on the 26th February 2013 following actions / changes to the formulary were agreed


New Drug Requests




  • Approved for use on the advice of palliative care team - TLS Blue


  • Approved for use by Renal Consultant only - TLS Red

Urocit K®

  • Approved for use by Renal Consultant only in patients for the treatment of distal renal tubular acidosis and hypocritaturia second line to Potassium Citrate BP Liquid - TLS Red

Doublebase Dayleve® Gel

  • Recommended to be added to formulary TLS Green

Ranolazine (NBT)

  • Recommended to be added to formulary in line with UHB TLS Red


Recommended but awaiting funding agreement - to be added once received

Alteplase and Dornase Alfa

  • Recommended to be added to the formulary NBT Pleural Services only TLS Red - awaiting funding agreement


Not Approved


  • Not approved - await NICE TA publication

Botox for the treatment of Raynuard’s disease of the hand

  • Not approved


  • Not approved

Aflibercept (sequential use after Lucentis failure)

  • Not approved 


Specialised Commissioning


  • Specialised Commissioning policy - to be added to formuarly TLS Red

Hizentra Subcutaneous IVIg NBT

  • Recommended to be added as already on formulary for UHB TLS Red

Fingolimod for relasping remitting MS (not meeting NICE 254 criteria)

  • Not approved as this service is commissioned by Specialised Commissioning from 1st April 2013


Cancer Drugs Fund


  • Individual patient request to be forwarded to the cancer drugs fund - not to be added to formuarly. Willl be considered for inclusion to formulary once NICE TA published


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