Decisions 2nd September 2014


Recent JFG Decisions


At the meeting on the 2nd September 2014 the following decisions / changes to the formulary were agreed


New Drug Requests


Anoro (Umeclidinium and vilanterol) (TLS Blue)

  • Approved for inclusion onto the formulary for those patients with COPD who require a LABA/LAMA combination.


Further Discussion required


  • Further discussion required regarding the TLS classification of Molludab.
  • For the significant majority of patients, no treatment is necessary and the condition will resolve on its own within 12 - 18 months.



Striverdi (Olodaterol)

  • Rejected - the JFG considered that there was no evidence to suggest that olodaterol was as effiacious or superior to the other LABA inhalers currently on the formulary. 


More information required 

Melatonin for delirium prophylaxis in intensive care  

Artiss, surgical glue


Shared Care Protocols/TLS Change in Status


Methylphenidate MR

  • Revised/updated SCP accepted.   


  • TLS change from red to amber no shared care accepted.  Prescribing guidance to be written to accompany this change. 


  • TLS change from amber 3 months to green accepted.   


  • TLS change from Red to blue accepted. 


  • TLS change from Red to amber 3 months for the prevention of skeletal related events in adults with bone metastases from solid tumours rejected at this current time.  More work is required to investigate this thoroughly.

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